Clare G Harvey is internationally recognised as a world authority on Flower Essences, and was originally trained by her grandmother, being taught herself by Dr Edward Bach and Nora Weeks. Clare has been a Flower Essence Consultant at The Hale Clinic in London , since 1990. A teacher and lecturer, Clare started the first International Flower Essence School for Practitioners, The International Federation for Vibrational Medicine in 1988 which runs Introductory and Professional Training courses. Clare originally started 'The International Flower Essence Repertoire' and was instrumental in establishing it as the major UK distributor of Flower Essences in the UK before resigning her Directorship in 2004.

In 1995 Clare wrote an 'Encyclopaedia of Flowers Remedies' drawing together and incorporating the healing qualities of over two thousand Flower Remedies from around the world. This has been widely recognized as the authoritative work on the subject and translated and published worldwide. She then went on to write the Principles of Vibrational Healing and The Healing Spirit of Plants .

Her expertise and experience lies in PR, customer relations, people management, negotiation and product development.

Clare G Harvey

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