Qualifications: (Major) Diploma in Naturopathy (ND) & Diploma in Homoeopathy (Dip Hom)


In 1988, Cornelis began study of therapeutics with the commencement of Radionics and then practical aspects of body therapies. First studied Swedish massage and later Zen shiatsu under varies teachers. The study of naturopathy and classical homoeopathy completed the cycle of formal learning and qualifications. Underlying this is a lifetime pursuit and study of the mysteries of life, has culminated in a breath of knowledge and experience.


Cornelis established practices in Australia, West Indies and now has clinics in London and Surrey (UK).


As a published writer, articles have been extensively published in then past in leading U.K. journals and currently edits and publishes the New Physis Newsletter.


Cornelis is an enthusiastic and accomplished speaker. He is regularly invited to speak at New Acropolis Cultural Association, London www.newacropolisuk.org and to interest groups around the country. His love for imparting experience from a varied life and the 20 years of therapeutic practice, had lead to the establishment of the School of New Physis lecture programme.



Cornelis Van Dalen

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