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Nutri Centre Talks

31st July 2013

Argan Oil
the Health and Beauty benefits inside and out!
With Azzelerab Elalaoui , Founder Alassala Ltd

Our life is characterised by haste and lack of enough dedicated time to our health. We want to look and feel better and at the same time achieve all that we are looking forward to .It is a very challenging task to achieve. It even seems impossible. The department of health has revealed a very worrying figure about Obesity, high level of Cholesterols, heart problem. The way we live our life is an ideal homeland for all these diseases.
Due to its natural complex mixture of compounds including fatty acids, polyphenoles, antioxidants, carotenoids and high level of Vitamin E, Argan oil was put under the scope.
It has been the centre of interest for many people from different sectors, including doctors, herbalist, nutritionists, scientist and beauty technologies or beauty products engineers.  Such interest is driven by the proven health and beauty benefit of this magical oil.
Azzelarab will be telling us about this magical oil, its origin, its components, the story behind it, its health and beauty benefits inside and out, as well as+ to the environmental and social benefit of Argan Oil

Azzelarab Elalaoui is the founder and CEO of Alassala Ltd. Though he is not herbalist, nor nutritionist, his awareness and knowledge of Argan oil comes from his close relationship to the product from early stages of his life. His knowledge about Argan Oil comes from his own experience. What science has proved recently, just translate Azzelarab knowledge and experience with Argan Oil into more scientific words. Azzelarab Elalaoui is very passionate about Argan Oil and the history behind it.
Weds 7th August

Classical Buteyko Breathing Method

With Martha Roe

The Classical Buteyko Breathing Method is an effective, drug free approach to maintaining an optimal level of health and reversing a diverse range of chronic diseases and health problems including: ADHD, anxiety, angina, asthma, allergies, hay fever, ADD, IBS, insomnia, migraine, panic attacks, skin conditions, sugar imbalances, obesity even depression, fatigue, COPD, emphysema, and epilepsy.  Martha will discuss:

 Professor Buteyko’s extensive research into how over-breathing causes 200+ symptoms of chronic disease and
 how he developed a way to master the respiratory centre and bring it  toward the physiological norm – The Classical Buteyko Breathing Method.
 how Vladimir Sukhonosov and Christopher Drake have enabled thousands of people around the world to manage and reverse chronic symptoms.
 how anyone can improve sleep, mood and energy through practising the Classical Buteyko Breathing Method.

Martha Roe started Buteyko in 2007 to treat her chronic fatigue.  She did so well mastering the method and reversing her ME/CFS and fibromyalgia that she was invited by her teacher, Senior Practitioner, Christopher Drake, to train as a practitioner.  Martha regularly holds workshops bringing Vladimir’s and Christopher’s expertise to the UK and Ireland. She has developed a solid practice built on excellent results and has assisted in the treatment of hundreds of students with severe health conditions. .
14th August 2013

Applied Nutrition for Mood & Mind

With Kyla Williams DipION, BSc, MSc

This talk will include practical diet and supplement advice on prevention and management of mind and mood related disorders, such as depression. Kyla will be discussing how diet can affect your mood and mind, including the importance of fatty acids, and how farming and cooking techniques may have changed our diets for the worse. The link to chronic inflammation, the effect of your body’s stress response, and how to measure these in clinical tests will be covered so that personalised nutritional protocols can be followed. Kyla will also explain how diet and supplements can help to improve sleep and cognitive function.

Kyla Williams has been practising as a Nutritional Therapist for several years in London, and she is also a Nutrition Technical Advisor at Igennus Healthcare Nutrition. Kyla developed an interest for nutrition during her degree in Medical Engineering, which led to further study of a diploma in Nutritional Therapy and a master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine.
21st August 2013

The 5 Key Reasons You Don't Have Enough Energy
that your doctor doesn't know about.

With Dr Sohère Roked

Are you fed up of feeling tired all the time or not having enough energy? We are in the midst of an epidemic of tiredness, where otherwise well and healthy individuals feel exhausted for no apparent reason. They see their doctor, only to be told the tests are normal and there's nothing wrong, yet it is a struggle to go to work, look after the family and have enough energy to socialise. Dr Sohère is all too familiar with this problem, and realises tiredness is an early predictor of ill health in the future. She has used her skills as an NHS GP and holistic doctor to devise a plan that will revitalise your health and have you going from fatigued to fabulous in no time!
Dr Sohère Roked (pronounced Sa-hair Row-ked) is a practising NHS General Practitioner with a specialist interest in integrative medicine. She is one of only 10 qualified expert doctors in this field, and specialises in lifestyle changes, preventative medicine and bio-identical hormones. 
The aim of consultation is to get the complete picture of a person’s health, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle to establish a proactive, patient-centred, whole-person approach to health and healing. Her blend of conventional NHS medicine with a holistic approach makes her a unique doctor perfect to treat patients in this manner.
wednesday 28th August

Nutritional Approaches to
Managing Cholesterol and CVD
Key Messages from the Research.

With Sophie Tully, BSc (Hons) DIPPT MSc

This talk will address the role of cholesterol in CVD and the latest evidence into nutritional strategies to manage and treat high cholesterol and support healthy CVD function. Sophie will cover the aetiology of CVD and why cholesterol has long been considered an important marker of CVD health and the emergence of newly identified CVD risk factors which may offer a more effective diagnostic tool. Finally she will discuss new opinions on nutritional approaches to keep cholesterol levels healthy and prevent CVD events.

After qualifying as a pharmacologist and working in medical research for several years, Sophie pursued her passion for health and nutrition by completing a Master’s degree in Clinical & Public Health Nutrition at UCL. Sophie balances her Nutrition Education Manager role at Igennus with her own private nutrition and health consultancy business. Sophie’s main research interests lie in the role of nutrition and lifestyle in inflammation, psychology and immunology.
Wednesday 24th July

Your Brain, High on Energy

Benjamin Brown , Naturopath

Boosting brain mitochondrial function is emerging as way to enhance cognitive function, improve mood, and reduce mental fatigue. This fascinating area of research is not only interesting but also immediately relevant for symptoms of depression, severe mental fatigue, cognitive impairment and dementia. Take your brain to the next level with this insightful talk.

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Wednesday 17th July
Nutrients for the Immune System

Daisy Connor , Nutritional Therapist

The topics covered will include Beta Glucans, potent biologically active molecules found in the cell walls of oats, fungi or yeast; aged garlic extract, which has been shown to support various immune factors; plus vitamin D, selenium, zinc and copper which each play a role in the normal functioning of the immune system. Finally, the role of beneficial bacteria will be discussed.
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3rd July 2013

The Importance of Alkalinity

Gareth Edwards, BSc  DipION mBANT

In this talk Gareth looks at some of the dietary, lifestyle and psycho-emotional factors that can influence fluid and body pH. He’ll also discuss and critique the most effective methods to establish a patient’s current pH levels.

12th June 2013

     The Four Quadrants of Weight
      & Overall Health Management
          With Mary-Lou Harris,
           Nutritional Therapist

Are you one of the 'Disillusioned Many' that have struggled to maintain healthy weight and overall body health, in.spite of 'eating less', eating healthy meals, or following the fashionable and often prescribed 'low fat diets'? 

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10th July 2013
Everyday Herbs to Promote Health
With Judit Kokai,
Medical Herbalist

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19th June 2013

Hormone Health
With Edward Joy, Master Herbalist

Edward Joy looks at the crucial endocrine system; how nourishing it and restoring the natural order of the glands through diet and the use of simple garden herbs can elevate our body to take on the stresses of the modern world.

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       8th May
                  with Dr Nina Bailey
BSc MSc PhD – Head of Clinical Nutrition

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1st May 2013  
Coping With Addictions & Cravings With Sprouts, Greens & Aloe Vera.

With Jill Swyers,
                  Living Foods for Health

Addictions, Cravings and Bad Nutritional Habits – these can be overcome – but where to begin? This is where Jill’s experience is invaluable. As a Hippocrates Health Educator with over 30 years experience in the food industry, Jill advocates lifestyle changes that are adapted to the needs of each individual.

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15th May         
Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson’s
What More Can Be Done?
with Dr Tamara Voronina

Could there be a common strategy to help (improve and/or cure) MS patients and those suffering from aging diseases? Aging diseases are inflammatory  diseases as well and resist responding to active  substance like hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes.

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22nd May
Chronic Fatigue & Tiredness
with Linda Crawford,
Nutritional Therapist,
Bio-energetic computerised testing, combined with not only homoeopathic treatment but also NLP and psychotherapy, create the most effective treatment protocol for this widespread problem.

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29nd May

with Alisa Vitti, HHG, AADP

Improving Hormonal Health is a goal for women at every stage of their lives  Alisa Vitti says  that medication and anti-depressants aren't the only solutions. The thousands of women she has treated in her Manhattan clinic know the power of her process that focuses on uncovering your unique biological make up.

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