Hakim M. Salim Khan M.D.(M.A.) M.H. F.G.N.I. D.O.  - Consultant Herbal Physician and Iridologist is a renowned herbalist, with over thirty five years successful clinical experience.

He is a Fellow of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists and a Council

Member of the International Register of Consultant Herbalists

He established Mohsin Clinic of Natural Medicine in Leicester, UK in 1978.

He is available for consultations in Leicester and London. For more

information see here: www.mohsinhealthgroup.co.uk

Hakim Salim Khan has been teaching and training in natural health for many years, and from October 2011, along with colleagues, he set up the College of Medicine and Healing Arts, to train future practitioners.

For further information see : www.comha.org.uk

Quality herbal products, made by traditional methods and to Hakim M Salim Khan's formulas are now available from our sister company Mohsin Health Products. Please see www.mohsinhealthproducts.co.uk.

His work has been on display at the Science Museum, London, U.K, since 2005 Click here to see it.

Salim Khan

Tel : 020 8350 4607
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