At All About Natural Medicine we believe experience goes hand in hand with knowledge. This is reflected our speakers. All of our speakers have an expansive knowledge in the topics they teach. Each speaker brings to the table a wealth of information and knowledge gleamed from years of working as holistic health practitioners and from extensive training in the field. You cant find better teachers anywhere else!

Tel : 020 8350 4607
Jim Vergis
Iridologist John Andrews
Master Herbalist & Iridologist
Clare Harvey
Flower Essence Specialist
Salim Khan
Herbalist & TIBB Practitioner
Philip Weeks
Master Herbalist & TCM Practitioner
Linda Crockett
Herbalist & Healer
Cornelis Van Dalen
Naturopath & Homeopath
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Maryke Vogel
Master Herbalist & Colonic Irrigationist
Clare G  Harvey Salim Khan Philip Weeks Cornelis Van Dalen John Andrews Linda Crockett
Brian Clement, PhD
Director Hippocrates Health Institute