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What People Say About Our Workshops

On Linda Crocketts Workshops

Thank you for a beautiful day and for being so generous with your knowledge, and for conveying such divine expression with warmth and joy.
Wendy Scofield, Nutritionist & Healer

'It was great sharing a day of learning about women's hormones and for shedding greater light in a very grey area of my personal life and those of my patients.'
Gillian Lonsdale, Naturopathic Osteopathy

'The seminar was fantastic, I feel I have more clarity, which I'm certain will give me better coping mechanisms for the times when my monthly cycle makes me feel less than sociable!!!
We're all looking forward to part 2.'
Alaina Mechlenburgh, Medical Herbalist
On Philip Weeks, Workshops

"Philip Weeks workshop was an inspired and fascinating introduction into the ancient art of tongue diagnosis. With his easy manner and participative approach he made accessible this complex and subtle system of diagnosis - it was like having the door opened on a whole new world! Thank-you! "
Dr Nicole Freris MBBChir MRCP MRCGP

"Philip Weekes is a dynamic and erudite lecturer. His presentation on tongue diagnosis provided worthwhile diagnostic clinical tools which satisfied both "allopathic" and "complementary medicine" attendees.
Lucille Leader
Dip ION MBANT NTCC Nutritional Therapist